A father and son adventure in Australia

Created by Adam 3 years ago
In 1983 I went to visit Mike, Rosemary, Kate and (the recently arrived) Penny in Canberra, Australia.  The highlight of this visit for me was a trip up the East Coast with Dad. I think the idea of a road trip with your father is one of the things that boys (secretly) love the most, and with the benefit of hindsight and as a parent myself, I can see that this was quite a big deal for Mike too, and it's probably the longest period of time that we spent alone in each other's company. We drove up from Canberra to Sydney and then went on a magical Michael Portillo style train journey up to Townsville. Dad being Dad had arranged various stops with biologists along the way and, like Kate, I have memories of invertebrates glued to matchsticks, so that we could better examine their eyes.  We stopped at Green Island (I think) where dad bought us snorkelling equipment and we swam together on the Great Barrier Reef. We then made our way up to Cairns, where we were joined by Rosemary, Kate and Penny to round off an unforgettable adventure.