Orchid outing in North Wales July 2019

Created by Jenny 3 years ago
Uncle Mike came to stay with Mum (his sister Janet) in North Wales in July 2019 and we knew of a Nature Reserve that is good for orchids so went for a trip in the sunshine. My husband Graham was working for the Wildlife Trust so we had a magic key that enabled us to drive up to a part of the site that would have been otherwise inaccessible to Mike at the time. We had a happy time looking for orchids and Mike was able to tell me fantastic information about the orchids and how to identify them as one of the pictures will show - I took the photo to remind me of the detailed identification knowledge and I'm pretty sure it was all about the length of the thingy though can't now remember which orchid was which! I also neglected to take a photo of Mike with the orchids, though he was nearby and very happy at the time. I have always associated Uncle Mike with orchids, ever since he showed us a rare one (frog orchid? bee orchid?) he had at the bottom of his very steep garden in Lewes, when I was a child. I seem to think we also saw glow worms ... Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed our orchid outing and its a lovely way to remember Mike, in his element as a botanist, in the sunshine.