Andreas 18th December 2020

I have met Mike in person only once, and that only briefly. However, I have "met" him again and again in my life: The very first science paper I have ever read was on insect eye optics and evolution by one M. Land. His ideas furnished the substanced behind a "mini-thesis" I did as part of my A-levels. During my university studies I came across an intriguing study on gaze tracking while making tea. It took a while for me to realize that it was by the same person ;-). Again Mike provided a framework for me, this time for my Master's thesis on relating how we co-ordinate meaningful everyday activities with studies on human motor control under laboratory conditions. I did my PhD with Randy Flanagan, joining in a research tradition that combines work on skilled object manipulation with Mike's pioneering approach to how we look at our own - and other's - actions. Clearly Mike has touched me deeply with his example of making basic visual engagement with the world accessible. He will be sorely missed. Andreas