Cindy 18th December 2020

As the family have been trawling through memories of Mike, a large number of them have been deemed unsuitable for publication on this site. Mike was a man who didn't mind too much whether what he did or said was 'suitable' and I think that is much of what made him such great company. I remember lots of unsuitable comments over dinner when the kids were small, which turned the air blue and left the children with raised eyebrows, trying not to giggle or pretending not to know what those words meant! I have fond memories of a couple of holidays in France, which Mike and Rosemary generously invited us to share, when we were all many, many years younger. We had a wonderful time, it was lovely to get to know everyone better and I felt very lucky to be welcomed so warmly into the family. Indeed my memories of Mike are all warm, and centre around being in a warm house, with interesting conversation, being well fed and plied with very pleasant wine / G&T / liquors, and with the regular appearance of weird and wonderful musical instruments! I will definitely remember Mike as an interesting and colourful character, and I, along with many others, will very much miss him.